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VR AeroTraining is a young start-up providing Aviation professionals with
stunning cutting-edge trainings and simulations.

what we offer

What we offer

At VR AeroTraining, we develop Innovative Solutions in order to disrupt and continuously improve Training for the whole Aviation value chain : pilots, mechanics, cabin crew and ground personnel.
Dissapointed by the high costs and lack of innovation of the current market offer ? Would like to see new ways and tools to bring more efficiently your pilots to your required level of proficiency ?
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Have you ever dreamt to reduce your pilots travel costs and unavailability for training matters, as well as getting customized training tools aligned with your specific needs generating higher added value ?
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Tired of getting no slots for your expensive trainings ? Looking for solutions offering real possibilities to improve your mechanics skills and self-confidence, instead of just getting the right paper ?​
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New technologies offer some (until now) unexplored possibilities to do all this and even more, and this is what we are busy doing.
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OUR TEAM is composed of individuals used to flying a wide range of different aircraft, skilled with the subltleties of aviation regulations worldwide, as well as experienced with aeronautical engineering challenges. We also rely on engineers specialised in real-time 3D computer graphics and new technologies.